Terms of Service

Hourly Rate Information:

My rate is $75 an hour.  If it takes me less than 1 hour the $75 is still charged.  I will always communicate how many hours I expect, payment is always due at the time of service.

About My Services

There are times I need to look at your site to estimate what I am looking at.  This is free of charge.  If I feel that I can fix it, I will let you know.  Normally I just start out with the first hour as expected, and will communicate with you if it is going to take me longer.

I have at times did website ‘speed’ optimization.  Due to the fact it has become more intense with all of the variables, I am not willing to offer this as a service. BUT in saying that for 1 hour ($75) I will optimize your database, go through files etc. That may be affecting it.  In my opinion it would be better for you to hire a person that is skilled in this area, more than myself.

Please Note: My services do not include refunds.  I can never with 100% guarantee fix your hacked website but 9 times out of 10 I am successful. 


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