If you are finding that your workload keeps growing and growing why not let me help you with your daily threads?

Thread Link Package Options

You can choose your options below, whether you would like to pay by the link/day or weekly.

Per Link:

This is for Facebook Like Threads, Comment threads for Facebook please inquire.

Facebook Thread Options

Twitter Retweet Thread Options

This is for Instagram Like Threads, Comment threads for Instagram please inquire.

Instagram Thread Options

This one is for comment threads up to 20 comments.

If you end up in a thread that has more than 20 comments I will charge and additional $2.50 for 21-30 or an additional $5.00 for 31-40 comments after the thread is done.

I will invoice you the overage upon completion.

Blog Comment Thread Options

Weekly Blogger Thread Package.  5 Slots Available.

  • Facebook 5x a week (like Threads)
  • Twitter 5x a week (retweet threads)
  • Instagram 5x a week (like threads)
  • Blog Comments 5x a week (each comment thread can have up to 20 comments, over 20 comments will be billed upon completion 21-30 comments an additional $2.50, 31-40 another $2.50 OR 21-40 comments past the 20 $5.00)
Blogger Thread Package-Weekly

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