Rog-VA Services

Are you a blogger or website owner and would like to be able to get more work done in your day but there is only one of you?  Then you have come to the right place.  Roger has started doing blogger share threads so you can do your other daily tasks without worrying about putting your efforts into your social media promotion.

Threads I will do:

Facebook Like Threads
Twitter Retweet Threads
Instagram Like Threads
Blog Comments up to 20
Blog Comments 21+

I have single thread options as well as a weekly option.

Go here to purchase

Store Images for Posts Needed?

Do you have an opportunity that you need photographs for from a specific store but can’t get there? I will be happy to get these for you at the stores below.  If a store you need is not listed below please feel free to email and ask.


Tops Friendly Market
Dollar General
Toys R Us
JC Penney
Sam’s Club

Please inquire for pricing to 


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